Wolf song and Jonny

Wolf song and Jonny (otherwise known as Sue Wolfsong and Jonny Lee) are veteran preformers who havebeen entertainging together since joining forces over 8 years ago. Sue's been a regular at FSG for longer then most people can remember and has dragged Jonny kicking and screaming into the pagan lifestyle, which he's happily embraced. Creating music in a multitudeof different styles, they've preformed at the Paul Robeson Center for the Arts in Princeton, NJ, at Drewby'sBluesFests, and other venues at festivalsand eating and drinking establisments in the North East. Their unusual interpretations of existing songs and unique original music has enhanced the noonday meals at Free Spirit Gathering in the past and will be doing so this year as well. As their slogan says. "Who knows what music to expect?