FSG XXXI Sacred Sex Classes

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Current as of 06 Jun 2016

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Creating Space for Sacred Sexuality

Thista and Arkcane ♦ A key step towards embracing spiritual sexuality is creating times and places for sacred intimate encounters to occur. In this workshop, we will explore how to create physical space for sacred sexuality, how to select and create appropriate times for intimate spiritual encounters, and how to cultivate a state of sacred sensuality within ourselves, so that we can embrace opportunities as they arise. (Ages 18+)

Guided Meditation Ritual: The Elemental Lovers

Wintersong Tashlin ♦ In this erotically charged guided journey, we’ll meet four lovers representing each of the elements. Through intimate encounters, we can form deeper connections to the elemental forces in our world, and within each of us. Wear comfortable clothes and bring something to sit or lie on. (Ritual; Ages 18+)

Sacred Sex for One

Wintersong Tashlin ♦ When most people think of sacred sex or sex magic they automatically think about activities involving more than one person. Just as you can have plenty of erotic fun by yourself, you can have meaningful sacred or magical sex by yourself as well. This class will address specific strategies for building rituals and constructing sex magic specifically to be done solo. (Ages 18+)

Singing through Sex

Christine ♦ One of Christine’s most popular and sought after classes, Singing Through Sex is both lecture and experiential. Oxygen aids in intensifying orgasm but many people, when nearing orgasm will do two things: they will stop moving and they will stop breathing. This workshop will introduce concepts that will help integrate the complete person and is designed to teach you techniques to vocalize, increasing oxygen, during sexual encounters. The result is a creation of beautiful harmonies with the energy of voice as well as body. This is a hands-on, clothes off, solo or partnered workshop. Bring something to lie on and whatever else will make you physically comfortable. There will be some samples of lubricants, but please feel free to bring whatever other sexual enhancement items you are called to. (Ages 18+)