2017 Presenters & Workshops


Introduction to Sacred Sexuality

The Godbothered Sex Life

Genderqueer Dynamics

Sacred Sex Toys

Asrik Tashlin

Elemental Primitive Skills Series: Earth

Elemental Primitive Skills Series: Fire

Elemental Primitive Skills Series: Air

Elemental Primitive Skills Series: Water

Rewild or Die: decolonization and becoming native to a place


Chaos Magick - Dancing With the Universe After Dark

Bliss and Lady Marigold

The Fae and all things Faery

The City Shaman & the Urban Hedge Witch: Magic Where You Are


I’m Lost! Information and Skills for People New to Paganism


Connecting with the Tarot

Unusual Divination Techniques

Professional Tarot Reading

Devotional Polytheism 101


Lyme Recognition and Prevention

Aroma Touch Therapy

Claire / Luminous

Earthbound – Grounding in the Pagan and the Mundane Worlds

Grief & Loss Circle of Healing

Dana Cote

Neuro Linguistic Programming - Can It Help Me?


Rhythm Playspace and Gong Garden

Dance of the Drum

Singing Bowls for the Soul - Vibrational Meditation

Beginning Frame Drum


Global Spirits Trance Possession Rite for the Spirits of The Ones Who Came Before

Spirit Bottles

Medicinal Food Herbs

Giani Siri

Can you hear me now? Conflict Resolution Skills

Grandmother Elspeth

Grandmother Turtle's Wisdom Tales

Journey into Healing

Choices and Changes

Hugh and Sundance

Paying the Rents - A Ritual for Manannán mac Lir


Poi 101: Introduction to Poi

Poi 201: Revenge of the Introduction to Poi

Poi 301: Son of the Revenge of the Intro to Poi

Poi 401: Not Actually Poi! Come Join the Circus!

Lady Marigold

Meet the Green Bloods: Plant Spirit Work

Herbalism the Magical and Mundane

Lee Harrington

Safer Magical Sex, Magical Safer Sex

Mama Gina

Mama Gina's Kaballah Soup: Tree Climbing 101

Introduction to the Cube of Space with Mama Gina

Mark the Druid

Finding One’s Place in the Universe by Learning the Night Sky

Astronomy Observing Class with Mark the Druid

Monika Healing Coyote

Introduction to Shamanism in the Modern Age

Psychopomp: Techniques for Healing the Dead

Owen Tashlin

An Alternative look at Fiber Arts and Magic

Crafting Diviners Meetup


The Old Religion

Scott Mohnkern

Nine Noble Virtues

Introduction to Bind Runes



Awakening Our Primal Forms

Crafting Sacred Food and Drink

Sundance Metelsky

Working with the Spirits of Weather

Thista Minai

A Pagan Primer on Sacred Kink

Making Friends With Vampires


Fused Glass

Traveling Tim

So you want to coordinate a festival?


Heathenry: Beyond Asatru, Paths in the Northern Tradition

Jotuns in the Northern Tradition: An Introduction

Angrboda: A Ritual for Strength of Will


Spinning Myths and Magic

Wintersong Tashlin

Energy Magic Design and Construction

Magic with the Modern World

Working With Ancestors of Spirit

Wintersong Tashlin and Thorn Mooney

Unpacking Pagan Privilege