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Advanced Divination Techniques

Scott Mohnkern*Learning the meanings of Tarot Cards, or the runes, or any divination system is only the first step. Those who truly make reading an integral part of their life go beyond just what they see on the table, to the whole experience. Here, Scott will talk about the "external" factors of divination, such as communion with the gods and connecting to the person we're doing a reading for to improve our overall skills.

Astronomy Observing Class

Mark the Druid*Come learn about the heavens as Mark the Druid takes you on a tour from our home, the Earth Mother, out into the depths of the universe. An 8 inch telescope will guide us on our journey. We begin close to home with the Earth and the Moon, which will be just past First Quarter and waxing, discussing their history and their part in telling the tale of our beginnings some 4.5 billion years ago. Next we will view Jupiter, which will be set5ting in the western sky, Saturn, his rings, and some of his larger moons. Mars, too, will be rising in the southeast during this time, and we hope we'll be able to see surface features on the planet, if the seeing permits.  As we exit our solar system, we will discuss some of the constellations, and their significance.  We will attempt to view (light from the bright moon will interfere) some planetary nebulae, which are the ghosts of stars long passes, and look at the Hercules Globular cluster.  Finally , we will gaze millions of light years away to view the famous Whirlpool Galaxy. Come marvel at the Universe! Children are welcome!

We'll be out in the soccer field on both Wednesday and Thursday from 10 pm - midnight. If both days are cloudy, we'll try for Friday. Look for the red light!

Awakening from Cultural Spells and Dysfunction

Tyrtle*Is it possible that the dominant culture has made you insane and you don't know it? Some classical shamanic peoples refer to mainstream U. S. norms of consumption and living as "wetiko", a collective psychosis that causes us to consume the lives of others. What aspects of our daily life and spiritual practice might we change once we awaken to conscious living and see through these powerful cultural spells?

Basic Middle Eastern Percussion

Emyrs Morgan*Come learn the basics of Middle Eastern rhythms. This class will cover the basic foundation rhythms from North African and Central Asia. Older kids and all teens are welcome. (Ages 12+)

Beginning Frame Drum

Emyrs Morgan*Frame drums have been an important part of human development, found throughout most cultures, from antiquity to modern time. Come and explore this amazing history and learn some basic techniques for frame drumming, while seeking to enrich your musical and cultural understanding. Teens and older kids are welcome. (Ages 12+)

Conflict Resolution

Giani Siri • Sick of Drama? Learn the “cheat codes” for the game of interpersonal conflict. Conflict Resolution (big words for something that should be simple) consists of how to keep your cool and get along with the problem in your life—your enemies, your friends… your family. This is a two-part class; please plan to attend both sections. (Ages 16+)

Consent-Focused Ritual

Raven Kaldera*How does consent function in Pagan rituals? How much warning do you owe participants, especially if there is a function of mystery or surprise as part of the rite? How can you raise energy without making anyone feel left out, awkward, or pressured to participate? How do we make ritual accessible to people with disabilities, and what about when one person's needs clash with another's? This class and discussion group will ask these hard questions, and give the tips and solutions we've found most useful in our Pagan church.

Coven Craft Without Binary Gender

Thista Minai*How do you cast a circle without a priest or priestess? What dynamic roles can arise when officiators shed the cultural associations of binary gender, and explore other modes of complementary function? Come learn how to set and altar, call the quarters, and honor the Gods in ways that can reflect, support, and celebrate any gender identity.

Crafting Sacred Food and Drink

Skywolf*Throughout history, various religions and cultures have used and often been associated with sacred beverages. Christians use sacred bread and wine in their Eucharist ceremony, Heathens use mead in Blots, and sports ball fans have meat and beer. The main uses of sacred food and drink is to establish or reinforce a connection. Whether as offerings to deities/spirits or as social/community bonding, we often feel closer when the sacred food and drink are present. This workshop will discuss how to approach the many aspects of creating of sacred food and drink. Topics include: Uses and Purposes in Creating; choosing ingredients; "Awakening/Infusing" sacredness within the food or beverage such as through ritual, spell, or energy use; Aligning and utilizing symbol sets for increased effectiveness such as moon phases, runes, etc.; and Aesthetics (decorations, presentations, containers, etc." While Sacred Sangria as an example will be present and available to enjoy, it is not required to partake. Come and share your stories, samples, and experiences with the group and let us bond over the simple joys of life-- good food, good drink, and good company.

Creating Space for Sacred Sexuality

Thista and Arkcane*The description for this is in the Sacred Sex program book. (Sacred Sex; Ages 18+)

Critical Thinking & Magic

(This class has been CANCELED)

Snooze Hamilton*This is a 101-level class on applying critical thinking skills to magic, UPG's and other metaphysical phenomena. Includes a reference handout. (Academy; YA: Ages 12+)

Crocheting Peacock Eyes

Kitsa*From Greco-Roman mythology-- Hera in particular-- to the Hindu deities, peacocks have always held a special place. Does your deity like peacocks? We'll get together in sacred space and crochet peacock eyes for our various Deities. Bring your medium (F or G) crochet hook and yarn (sport or DK will work best). We will have some spare hooks and kitchen cotton.

Daily Blot

Scott Mohnkern*Come join us to celebrate the morning, and the gods, for a daily Blot. A Blot is a Northern European ritual that is offered to a (usually) Northern European god goddess of the day. Bring your loudest toasting voice. Folks under 21 may attend, but not imbibe; if you're not imbibing, there are options available, including kissing the horn or libating. As usual, we'll Blot Thor on Tuesday evening (at the beginning of the Opening Sumbel). (Ritual; Ages 21+)

Dance of the Drum

Emyrs Morgan*Drumming is about so much more than playing rhythms, it is also about letting your hands dance on a drum, having fun and letting go of inhibitions. This is what separates the technically skilled musician from a great artist, the one who can move you in ways you didn't think possible, because they were having fun and let go their ego. This class will focus on learning how to weave complimentary and odd rhythms together, into a musical whole, All dancers and musicians are welcome; please bring any instruments you wish to add to the mix. (Ages 12+)

Dancing with the Spirits

Firesong and Kate*Movement is one way we connect with the Divine. Whether or not we ourselves are dancing, we learn to recognize certain Spirits through the movements they do when they come during trance possession dances. Join us for an experiential tutorial on moving for and with the Spirits in ritual space. We will discuss basics such as warming the body up for movement, etiquette, and safety. Specific dances of Haitian Vodou and dances associated with the Orisha will be included, and as time allows, we will discuss and encourage dances and development of movement for Spirits from other pantheons/panthea. Wear comfortable clothing and footwear. Bring water for hydration.

Death and Dying: Pagan Rituals

LunaBear*The process of grief can also encompass varying amounts of time.  I will present the four stages of grief and the process of change and transition through death and dying. We will talk about rituals and how to incorporate personal spirituality into the process. We will end with a short ritual to pay honor to those that have gone before us.

Demons in the 21st Century

Foxx*This workshop is an introduction to the study of demons. Going over the history of demons and the beliefs of different cultures, we'll also look at different theories of what they are and signs of manifestation, and also how different cultures combat malevolent forces. This workshop is NOT about summoning, invoking, or performing banishments/exorcisms on the malevolent. This is strictly a discussion of what is known as demonology, what demonologists do in their field, and lifting the veil on history and roles they play in our culture.

Developing A Healthy Disrespect           For The Gods

(This class has been CANCELED)

Miles Batty*When you were a child, you looked to your parents for guidance and comfort. As an adolescent, it was more important to explore your individuality, and you found yourself dismissing, or denying, your parent's guidance. As an adult, that view may have again changed.  The same could be said for one's relationship with divinity-- did you follow your parent's church? Did you and God/Gods have a falling out?  Do you find yourself question "divine influence?"

This workshop explores the needs of a complex, developing relationship with divinity and with ourselves, and why it's okay to tell the divine to f*ck off once in a while. (Yes, profanity will be used during the workshop.) (Ages 14+)

Disability in Pagan Practice & Communities

Wintersong Tashlin*Neo-Paganism is often described as an earth-cetric religion: our holidays may be bound up in the wheel o the year, we tend to be body positive, and many of us tried to live "natural" lives. As a result of our faith and practices, modern Pagan traditions and communities are often far less accessible for people with disabilities then many mainstream faiths. This workshop looks at, and offers strategies for addressing, the challenges to access that many people with physical and/or mental health challenges encounter in attempting to engage with Pagan spirituality/practice, and with the broader Pagan community. (Ages 16+)

Drum & Dance

Drum, Dance, Chant, Circle, and Share at the Fire Circle. “All Kinds Magick Made Here.”

Drum & Dance-- Intentional Night

Friday night, following the Hvbris performance, is "Intentional Night". What does that mean? We're going to "Bring down the Sacred". We're looking to have a little more structure and a little less randomness.

Drum for Joy! I

Jaqui*"If you can say it, you can play it!" This is the foundation for the Drum For Joy! class. In this class, you will learn the language of the drum, basic hand drum technique and how to make your drum sing. Jaqui presents the drum songs in a way that make it fun and easy to learn. By building and playing drum compositions in a way that make it fun and easy to learn. By building and playing drum compositions in all of their parts, (rhythms, breaks, solos, and vocals), you will experience the magic of music making and the joy of drumming in a group! All levels of experience are welcome. From the beginning beginner to the experienced player, the Drum For Joy! classes are enjoyable for everyone!  Recording and note taking are welcome and encouraged. (Ages 14+)

Drum for Joy! II

Jaqui • This class will begin with hand drum technique builders and fun rhythm games. We will build and play a drum composition in all of its parts including rhythms, breaks, and rolls (different rhythms will be taught than the ones covered in Drum For Joy! I). By the end of the class, we will be playing a full drum song together. Come experience the joy of drumming in a group! Recording and note taking are welcome and encouraged. Drum For Joy! I is not required. (Ages 14+)

Drum for Joy! Soloing

Jaqui*Take your drumming to the next level! In this class you will learn exercises to help improve your drum technique and really make your drum sing out. We will work on rolls, complex phrases, and how to use space to make your solos more interesting. Each participant will have a chance to practice using these new techniques by soloing over a solid rhythm held by the group. Learn to breathe, relax, and take that leap to fly with your solos! There are no mistakes! Come have some fun! (Ages 14+)

Earthbound: Grounding in the Pagan and the Mundane Worlds

Claire/Luminous*If this is your first pagan festival or if life is challenging you right now, this class is a must. Whether you are feeling disconnect, crazed and fearful in life, or just energetically sideways from a ritual at FSG, Grounding is necessary for balance and health. In Magickal work, and in your mundane life, we all need connection and quiet--stay in the moment, turn down the volume and just BE. If you are new to Free Spirit or Pagan work, Grounding will help you get the most out of your experience. Both practical and Magickal, there is something here for everyone. Open to all levels of experience. Bring a comfy chair, your notebook and an open spirit. (Ages 16+)

Ecumenical Sumbel

Scott Mohnkern*A Sumbel is a Norse tradition of rounds of toasts to the gods, our ancestors, and ourselves. It's a ritual where we not only become closer to our gods, but we also become closer to each other. On Tuesday, come join your fellow attendees, and get to know some of the folks you'll be spending the rest of the week with. On Saturday, come celebrate your time at this FSG.

People under 21 are welcome, but may not partake of the mead. Mead donations gratefully appreciated. (Ritual; Ages 21+)

Energy Works I: Grounding and Shielding

Kyltus*Grounding is a technique used in energy work where we ask Mother Earth, Herself, to help us cleanse, purify, and strengthen our personal energies. Shielding is a technique where we use energy to form a personal barrier to act as a literal shield against certain types of energy. When it comes to working with energy, keeping your own energy as clear of external "contamination" as possible is critical, which makes each of these skills very important. For as simple as these concepts may sound, not all people know how to ground well, and even a number of seasoned energy workers are not skilled with building and maintaining good shields. So, this class has tips and tricks for beginners and experts alike.

Energy Works II: Ethics and Techniques

Klytus*There are a myriad of differing styles and techniques for doing what is collectively known as "energy work". This class is not concerned with teaching any of those specific styles, but rather in going over the fundamentals of what we mean when we talk about "energy work". We will discuss basic techniques in sensing energy, moving energy, and manipulating energy. Once you have an understanding on working with your own energy, we will step into sensing, moving, and manipulating the energy of others. But in working with the energy of another, it is very important that we have a solid ethical foundation for doing that sort of work. Otherwise, the work we intend to do might not simply fail, but have effects beyond anything we intend.

Exotic Dancing for Beginners

Mandrake*Come ready to shimmy, shake, and grind. You will learn the basics of exotic dancing in a fun interactive way. Nudity is not required. (Age 18+)

The Fire Circle: All Kinds Magic Worked Here

Tom Swiss • Fire. Drumming. Dancing. All are older than history, older than modern Homo sapiens. Putting them together is probably one of our oldest magical activities. The Fire Circle is (IMHO) the heart of any Pagan gathering. How does it work? How can we make a space where drummers, chanters, didge players, dancers, spinners, revelers, lovers, and lunatics all work their magic? Let's talk about it! Tell me your wisdom! This is discussion, not a lecture. In the words of Doktor Billy Bardo, “We're also here to celebrate the best of us in you!”

Global Spirits Trance Possession Rite: Spirit of Possibilities

Firesong and the Universal Temple of Spirits*In this open circle, The Universal Temple of Spirits presents a service for the Spirits, honoring them in their specific aspects, avatars, and incarnations through drumming, dance, song, and art. The service will begin with a sung litany prayer to set the space. All are welcome to join in with this. And then the drums start. The singing and dancing continues throughout, and we call our Spirits into ourselves to share our celebration.

This is an open circle; you may join late or leave early (although you'll probably miss some good stuff if you do)>  This is a Pantheistic working, so we will honor Spirits from around the globe and sing in their native languages when possible. Please note that thisis not an open drum circle; it is a possession-based working. The more active your participation, the more exciting the service, so please bring:

  • A Specific aspect, avatar, or incarnation of a Spirit you wish to honor
  • A song for them, if you have one
  • A design for them, as we will all be drawing for our individual Spirits
  • Altar objects, if you have them

You may wish to dress in the colors of the Spirit you'll be honoring.  Donations of food, drink, or money for supplies are appreciated, but not mandatory.

The Universal Temple of Spirits is a celebratory group practicing in the Global Spirits tradition. The celebrations welcome all Spirits from around the globe in harmony. Rituals are theme-based, rather than pantheon-based, and incorporate what we have in common as humans: shared food, dance, song, drumming, art, and possession trance. Global Spirits is a harm-none tradition. No one is required to partake of alcohol (and folks under 21 may not). (Ritual; Ages 16+)

Grief & Loss Circle of Support

Claire/Luminous*We all have loss in our lives of many kinds, and FSG is no exception. We lost several of our Family of Choice in a short span of time, as has happened (again) this past year. This gathering will focus on the passing beyond the veil of anyone who has been dear to you, including animal companions. It does not matter if the loss is fresh or from decades past. We will be building an altar to honor the Mighty Dead, and send them our love. This can be members of the FSG community (Scott, Jamie, Cuzin Elmer), Elders who shaped your Path and you admired (Margo Adler, Joseph Campbell, Tolkein perhaps), any family, friends, teachers or non-human creatures who have crossed over. Bring pictures or any mementoes you see fit. This is both a remembrance and a chance for healing advice. We will make a Circle and send the deceased our intentions. We will have call-outs to those we think of spontaneously, If anyone is having challenges or triggers regarding a loss, we will have time for those as well. Both Pagan and Mundane support will be discussed.

As a Certified Professional Coach and Grief Expert, I can address any challenges you may have had or be having in moving forward, dealing with difficult friends/family or conflicting emotions that may arise. My book on the first week of Grief & Loss will also be available. Loss changes you, and Free Spirit is an excellent occasion to et new tools to help you adjust to those changes. This class may be intense for kids-- use your discretion. (Ritual; Ages 16+)

Guided Meditation Ritual: The Elemental Lovers

Wintersong Tashlin*The description for this is in the Sacred Sex program book. (Sacred Sex; Ritual; Ages 18+)

Handfasting Renewal

Kat and Skywise*Sixteen years ago we were handfasted/married at FSG. We are renewing those vows this year. Everyone is welcome to join us in this celebration. (Ritual)

Headcovering: A Pagan Perspective

Kitsa and Erika*This class looks at headcovering in the past and in different cultures, and the reasons why it is relevant to some members of the pagan community. The first half will discuss the history and different perspectives. The second half will be a practical demonstration of different types of head coverings and how to tie them. Bring your own scarves if you wish; there will also be ones available for people to practice with. If you have dyed your hair recently, please bring your own scarf for a base layer. (Ages 14+)

Home Brewing Forum

Foxx*This workshop is for brewers of all levels. Whether you are an award-winning brewer or interested in starting this, is meant to help build the brewing community for FSG. For beginners, there will be a how-to section to talk about and walk you through brewing alcohol. Everyone with experience, please come share your knowledge, ideas, and recipes, while also meeting other brewers. (Ages 18+)

Horse Handling: Supporting the Possessed

Thista Minai*Preparing for and recovering from a possessory experience can be tremendously taxing for a person being "ridden" by a spirit or deity. This workshop addresses practical strategies for how we as ritual officiators, assistants, and energetic ground crew, can help create a better experience for the "horse", the deity, and the community. We'll discuss tools and techniques that can facilitate an easier ride for everyone involved, from preparing beforehand, through the experience itself, to helping the horses be fully themselves again when the Work is done.

Journey to Avalon: A Sacred Chant Circle with Kellianna

Kellianna*Using seasonal, elemental and Avalonian chants, Kellianna will lead participants in a journey to the ancient Isle of Avalon to meet the Welsh Faire King, Gwynn Ap Nudd, and visit his palace, Anwnn, located inside the Glastonbury Tor. The mists of Avalon will part and invite you to a place between places, where the fairies dine and dance in a crystal palace, where the white and red springs run wild and where your voice will echo through time... (Ritual;Ages 16+)


Pack Ratz*Come hang out, rock the mike, and get a little silly with junior Pack Ratz Karen and Chris Carothers. Please bring a comfy chair and your beverages of choice.  Karaoke always sounds better when you're a little drunk.

The Lightning-Struck Tree

Peggy Brennan*Just as a lightning-struck tree has mixed the elements, so too does a sweat ritual. The medicine of entering a hut within the Earth and praying/singing together in the dark, surrounded by steam, is a powerful healing. Lightning-Struck Tree is a wounded and healed being's incarnation as water pourer. A tree can become shredded by a lightning strike, but the same trauma to a human can be a transformative event. Our spirits morph, and healing makes us stronger and more useful to the world than we were before our ordeal. Our circle will create a sphere, just as the sweat lodge is a sphere (of which we only see half). Inside here lies healing. This purification ceremony will be gentle, with hot spikes, and it will help us tend to our necessary healing. Beginners and women on their moon are welcome. Please eat lightly beforehand. Older YA's may participate in this Sweat with parental consent (see age range). Please bring your parent/guardian with you to the Sweat Village right before this Sweat to sign the waiver book. (Sweat; Ages 16+; Max attendance: 12 <Sign up>)

Loki Blot

Erika Wren*A blot in honor of Loki. Love Him or hate Him, Loki is here and He isn't going away any time soon... (Ritual; Age 16+)

Lunch with Raven

Raven Kaldera*Got a question you've been wanting to ask? Want to pick Raven's brain? Here's your chance: grab your lunch and head up to the Healer's Pavilion for a (short) Q&A session.

Making Your Own Fused Glass Piece

Tina*Make your own fused glass amulet or altar piece using fusible glass, millefiori, silver, copper, and other materials. You must be able to pick up piece the morning following the class. Kids 8-12 are welcome if accompanied by an adult. The materials fee is $20 per piece. (Ages 12+; Max attendance: 20 <Sign up>)

Making Your Own Rune Set

Scott Mohnkern*The runes, a divination tool used by northern European practitioners, consists of a set of 24 "characters" on stones, wood or other materials, Come to this workshop, and you'll walk away with our own set of wood runes to use for divination. This workshop will also include ritualistic elements of the process of creating the runes, (Ages 14+; Max attendance: 10 <Sign up>)

Memorial for Jamie

Jessie and Ninja*Jamie/Ali transcended this physical form last November. This memorial is open to anyone that wants to say good bye.

Like her father before her, she will be sent off on a flaming ship. (Ritual)

Moonlight Labyrinth Walk

Mandrake*Walk the labyrinth under the open sky during this ritual. Space will be held for people to come and go. (Ritual)

Morning Yoga

Joshua Tenpenny*Part 1, Gentle Warmup: Have you been sleeping on the ground, or on a tiny cot? Then greet the new day with some gentle stretches, to get your body and your energy moving. No experience with yoga is needed. The class is appropriate for nearly all fitness levels, and can be done standing, seated in a chair, or sitting/laying on the ground, whichever you prefer. (You might want to bring a mat or small blanket if you are on the ground.) Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. We'll start with some short chants, honoring the sun, do about 20 minutes of gentle movement and stretching, and we will end with a short meditation.

Part2, Energizing: Join us for a short but vigorous practice of the yoga "Sun Salutation", combined with other standing poses, for strength and flexibility. A variety of options will be presented for different fitness levels--including some challenging ones--but at a minimum, the class will involve getting up and down from an all-fours position. we will begin with some short chants, honoring the sun, do about 20minutes of Sun Salutations, and we will finish with breathing exercises. Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing, and either bare feet or grippy, flexible shoes.

Join us for either part of this class or both, but be aware that if you're just coming for part 2, you'll need to be warmed up and ready to jump right in.

The Music of Us

Wolfsong and Jonny*Each person has their own music in them, but when that music is combined with the music of others, something unique occurs-- and that is "The Music of Us." This workshop invites participants to bring their voices and/or their instruments, whether acoustic or electric, be they guitars, keyboard, wind instruments, or percussion. We start with a riff or rhythm contributed by one of the participants and one by one build on that with each person adding to the music. People my participate in a major fashion or simply clap to add their energy to the mix. It's very free--if what happens inspires the people to dance--wonderful! If they just want to stop their feet, that's fine, too! Prior musical experience is not at all mandatory. We've presented this at Free Spirit Gathering in the past and it was amazing, but one never knows. The product could be melodious or cacophonous: Whatever happens, it will be the Music of Us: a combination of the consciousness and energies of everyone and a joyous experience! Kids are welcome if they have the attention span and can participate.

Negotiating with Deities and Spirits

Thista and Arkcane*Many Pagans believe that deities or spirits can sometimes desire or even demand specific action. Answering these calls can be joyous and rewarding, but sometimes finding an appropriate response to a divine request can be tricky. In this workshop, we will discuss when one might wish to negotiate with Gods or spirits, and how to go about negotiation respectfully and constructively. (Ages 16+)

Nine Maidens: Healing Goddesses of the North

Raven Kaldera*We could all use healing in our lives. In ancient times, folk made offerings to healing Gods and Goddesses when they were ill. This practice can still bring amazing results to our lives. In this workshop, we'll learn about the healing goddesses of the Norse and Germanic peoples and how they can help us today. We'll concentrate especially on Mengloth and her nine handmaiden/colleagues, each of which is a specialist in some area of health from surgery to pulled muscles to mood disorders. We'll end with a short ritual for healing of all our bodies and minds.

Open Hear Connection with the Sprits of the Land

Sundance Metelsky*We are invited to open our hearts and meet and greet and converse with the sacred nature spirits of Camp Ramblewood. We'll be talking and walking and dancing and singing and playing and making offerings and prayers and especially listening to the spirits around us. This is an opportunity to connect with the spirits of this sacred land and learn more about such practices in general. Bring water/sunscreen/insect repellant/something to sit on/what you need to feel comfortable. This is a hands-on move around experience so please be aware it is not just sit and listen. Children who are interested in working with nature spirits are welcome. If under 12, please attend with a parent/guardian.

Paying the Rents: A Ritual for Manannan mac Lir

Hugh and Sundance*Join us as we honor Manannan mac Lir, the great Celtic Sea God, Guide of Souls, and Gatekeeper to the Otherworld. Manannan mac Lir, the great Celtic Sea God, Guide of Souls, and Gatekeeper to the Otherworld. Manannan has strong ties to the Isle of Man, and at Midsummer, the Manx people offer bundles of reeds, meadow grasses, and yellow flowers to him in a ritual "paying of the rents," accompanied with prayers for his aid and protection in fishing. We will gather at the lake and draw his symbol in the sand. We'll sing for Manannan and make offerings of reeds, grasses, and flowers. We will ask for his protection and thank him for his gifts. If you wish , you may bring your own biodegradable offerings. (Ritual; Ages 16+; Max attendance:20)

Poi 101: Intro to the Intro to Fire Spinning

Hvbris*This class will serve as a base for the rest of the fire spinning classes presented at festival. We will focus on fire safety, fuel choices, spotting practice and technique, construction and care of equipment, as well as some basic spinning technique. If you don't want to spin but wasn't to learn how to spot for your neighborhood spinners, this is the class to come to. (Ages 16+)

Poi 102:Intro to Fire Spinning: Fun with Fire

Hvbris*This class continues our introduction to the art of fire spinning. Come prepared for an in depth practice of fire-spinning techniques. Please bring practice poi. We will have some available to use (and purchase), but we may not have enough for all. (Ages 16+)

Poi 201: Revenge of the Intro to Fire Spinning

Hvbris*This is a continuation of the Introduction to Fire Spinning class. The class will build on the foundation laid in the first two classes, introducing more intermediate/advanced moves and concepts. Less time will be spent on the basics of poi, but fire safety will still be a top priority. Working with lit poi is a possibility, but will depend on the class attendance and the comfort level of the instructors. (Ages 16+)

Poi 301: Son of the Revenge of the Intro to Fire Spinning

Hvbris*This is a continuation of the Poi series. Less time will be spent on the basics of poi, with more time for the sharing of more complex techniques. Additional poi style skill toys and other performance equipment will be introduced so that people can get a feel for the range of possibilities, including whips, rope darts, etc. Working with lit poi is possible, but will still depend on the class attendance and comfort level of the instructors. (Ages 16+)

Preventing Lyme

Christina*We'll cover how to prevent Lyme disease, how to recognize the symptoms, and what you can do if you suspect Lyme disease.


DJ Mordecai*Come dance to tunes spun by DJ Mordecai!

Remembering Sheriff Scott

Mandrake*Sheriff Scott passed from this life in November. This will be a memorial service held in his honor for those who would like to tell stories, honor his memory, and support those who feel his loss. There will be at least one round for toasts and stories. (Ritual)

Renewal Sweat

Richard Gates*Four to six rounds, depending on time and people. Rounds will release everything holding you back, ask for what you want, give gratitude for all that brought you here to make your life happen, and thank all the spirits, elements, and others who made your life possible. Please eat lightly beforehand; bring one or two towels and a water bottle or cup, plain or fancy, for drinking water. Older YA's may participate in this Sweat with parental consent (see age range). Please bring your parent/guardian with you to the Sweat Village right before this Sweat to sign the waiver book. (Sweat; Ages 16+; Max attendance: <Sign up>)

Rhythm Playspace and Gong Garden

Emyrs Morgan*There is joyous magic to be discovered through the voices of gongs. Imagine the sound of thirty gongs or more. Now, add noisemakers and other percussive creations from all over the world, representing cultures as diverse as the instruments, themselves. Now, you can do much more than imagine: you can play.

Rune Valdr: Healing with the Runes

Scott Mohnkern*Rune Valdr is an energy manipulation system, similar to Reiki but based upon the runes. It can be used not only for healing purposes, but also to create temporary or persistent energetic connections. Come and learn this system, developed by Rodney Cox, and how you can use it in your life. Having an understanding of the runes and runic symbols prior to attending class is helpful. The (optional) materials fee of $10 gets you the symbols book. (Ritual; Ages 18+)

Sacred Meat and Leather: Being A Spiritual Omnivore

Raven and Joshua*While one's choice of what food one chooses to eat is-- and should be --a personal choice, there are ways of being omnivorous and utilizing the parts of a dead animal that are highly spiritual, and there are Pagan spiritual paths that support them. Let's talk about the Hunter, John Barleycorn, and the ancestral contract between our species and our food animals, and whether we are still upholding it. Let's talk about sacrifice-- theirs and ours --and how to make honorable and reverential decisions about wielding Death.

Sacred Sex for One

Wintersong Tashlin*The description for this is in the Sacred Sex program book. (Sacred Sex; Ages 18+)

Sex, Gods, and Virgins: Ancient Greek "Virginity" and You

Thista Minai*What does it mean to be a virgin? And for that matter, how did virginity become so important to modern western spirituality and society? In this workshop, we'll trace modern virginity back to its ancient Greek roots and discover how old beliefs continue to impact modern realities. By untangling ancient baggage, we'll empower ourselves with a better understanding of how we can redefine "virginity and status quo for a modern world". (Ages 16+)

Shamanic Tools and Technology

Skywolf*Shamanic healing is the practice of communicating with the world of the spirits and totems to gain aid, wisdom, and guidance in treating ailments/illnesses by mending the soul or spirit of an individual. Through this practice, the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic balances of the body can be restored to wholeness. This workshop will explore some fundamentals of this type of spirit worker path that has existed since prehistoric times, and also their corresponding links to psychology, physiology, and human behavior. In addition, you will learn some shamanic techniques and tools to aid you on your spiritual path for self-healing and guidance. At the end you have the option to participate in a shamanic journey to connect with your personal animal spirit guide. Whether you are monotheist, polytheist, or atheist, you will walk away with some tools and techniques that can be applied even in the mundane/vanilla world. Come with an open mind and you will receive much more than you expected.

The Silver Portal: Needles and Energy Work

Wintersong Tashlin*There are many ways we manipulate and interact with our own energy bodies and those of other people. In this class, we'll be looking at a variety of ways that, involving hypodermic needles, we can explore our energetic interactions, and workings, Some of the techniques covered include: needles as portals for moving energy in and out of the body, energetic enhancements for erotic play-piercing, forming energetic connections, aiding in energy healing, and raising power or grounding through directing the flow of energy. Some familiarity with play-piercing and or energy work is helpful but not required. (Ages 18+; max attendance: 12)

Singing through Sex

Christine*The description for this is in the Sacred Sex program book. (Sacred Sex; Ages 18+)

Singing through Stress

Christine*Our voices are powerful! The things we say, how we say them, and the sounds that come from us are magical. The voice has a way of bringing our often dis-integrated, mind and body together.  Many strive to understand the connection (or disconnection) as we do things like put food in our mouths, yet feel hungry again quickly, or rub a crick in our necks that we try to stretch out throughout the day. We certainly carry weights with us as we go about our daily living. Many use tools like yoga, meditation, mindful living, therapy, to balance themselves. This workshop will teach us how to use our voices to decrease stress and release tension while increasing peace. you are not required to have any musical talent in order to benefit from this!


Kitsa*Bring your knitting, crocheting, spinning, and other portable fiber projects, and hang out with other fiber crafters. If you don't have a project with, we'll try to have some extra needles, a crochet hook or two, and some yarn. This is a chance to get together, show off your project, and discuss your crafting, your Crafting, and whatever else comes to mind. (Ages 14+)

Six Ways of Being Pagan

Raven and Joshua*This class is based on Dale Cannon's book Six Ways of Being Religious, for a Pagan context. Are you most moved by group ritual, or do you prefer a private devotional relationship with your Gods? Are you a religious scholar who scrutinizes ancient sources or a mystic who hears divine messages? Do you serve your community by meditating with the spirits or by being the one who puts together the canned food drive? Whatever your path it's likely that people who are called to other paths don't understand why this one calls to you. We'll talk about the joys and pitfalls of each of these religious paths, and what happens when they clash with each other in Pagan religion.

So, You need to conduct a Wedding (or a Funeral)

Morganan Silverthorn*Lecture, discussion, opinion, and hopefully practical suggestions on how to conduct a semi-public non-denominational or Pagan-for-non-pagans ritual that can include friends, family, and/or co-workers. Older teens are welcome, but this class is primarily for adults.

So, You Want to Start a Coven, or How to be THMFWIC

Morgana Silverthorn*Lecture, discussion, opinion and hopefully practical suggestions, including tips on how to be the Priestess/Priest you are supposed to be. Whether taking on an existing coven or building one from scratch, it is hard work and we all can use help. (Age 16+)

Soul Remembering Stone Bath Sweat (Beginner-Friendly)

Tyrtle • Gentle sweat suitable for beginners with a hotter additional, optional ½-hour round for those wanting stronger heat. We'll begin with open prayers. Then the Stones, Löaut;yly (sacred steam), and other Sweat Spirits will carry us to the Great Void to help us remember who we really are and what spiritual gifts we brought into this lifetime. Please be on time; bring one or two towels and a water bottle or cup, plain or fancy, for drinking water. First 30 minutes is outdoor preparation and introduction; then 45 minutes inside at a gentle, supportive heat level; and an optional 30 minutes in an additional round for those wanting more heat. Older YAs may participate in this Sweat with parental consent (see age range). Please bring your parent/guardian with you to the Sweat Village right before this Sweat to sign the waiver book. (Sweat; Ages 16+; Max attendance: 12 (Sign up))

Spirituality for the Genderqueer

Arkcane*With binary gender so prevalent in modern Neopaganism, how can a genderqueer person find their place? In this class we will share stories from people of many genders about their journey to see themselves in their Pagan paths.

Summer Camp Takeaway: Miniature Besoms

Morgana Silverthorn*Ever go to camp and bring home a potholder, a lanyard, etc.? FSG is my Summer Camp and this year we will learn how to make miniature besoms or brooms. Every witch needs one! Materials and instruction sheets will be provided; donations welcomed. (Ages 16+)

Tea Time Happy Hour

Firesong*Whether you're a tea-totaler or a happy hour hound, come enjoy this time of refreshment. Using herbs, spices, and fruits, learn how to make a proper cuppa, various tea blends, and liqueurs, using herbs, spices, and fruits. Recipe handouts (and a wee bit of sampling) will be offered. Nibbles will be provided. Please bring your own water. Donations for handouts and herbs appreciated. There will be alcohol present; folks under 21 may attend but not imbibe. (Ages 21+)

Through your Eyes

Mandrake*Learning to love yourself and your body is important. This will be an exercise in learning how other see you vs how you see yourself. Nudity is encouraged but not required. (Ages 18+)

The Tiniest Athame:Using Needles for Energy Work and Magic

Wintersong Tashlin*The whole world works in patterns that echo each other throughout nature and reality. The cracks in ice as it warms on a frozen lake and the pattern of a dragonfly's wing are remarkably similar when looked at in the correct scale, as are the burnt ruts that a fire leaves in a log and the topography of the Grand Canyon. Energy moves and behaves in the same kinds of patterns, and a magician who is observant and creative can use these natural tendencies to their advantage. In this class, students will learn about how to see the patterns in nature and use them in crafting magic that is more stable and uses less energy. (Ages 18+; Max attendance:12)

Trusting Divination

Raven Kaldera*Do you use divination to make life decisions? If not, is that because you don't trust it to actually work? This class and discussion group will focus on the place of diviniation in Pagan religion and in our lives, throughout religious history and crossing today's attitudes. We'll talk about diviner's ethics - what does a diviner owe a client? What are best practices? How can diviners become trusted in their community, and what do we do when divination goes wrong? How good an idea is it to "second-guess" Fate anyway? Let's talk about the thorny questions in the art of foretelling for a community of modern skeptics.

Weaving Pagan Song

Peggy Brennan*The circle will sing Pagan chant-style songs, and we will learn how to relax our voices and creativity into the song to make a choral arrangement. The goal is spiritual fun. You will be shown how to find harmonies and cascading rhythms (like singing in round). If you have simple Pagan chants (originals are best! Even one single lyric with a melody!), please bring them, and we might have time to sing yours. Bring the lyrics written down if you can. Don't be nervous about this; just show up. The more voices, the better! "Tone-deaf" folks are welcome-- they provides the drone, like on a sitar. Bring drinking water to keep your throat lubricated and quiet percussive instruments are welcome (not drums; more like rattles, shakers, wood blocks, etc).

Get ready to feel transformed as you become musical magic! Recording devices are welcome. This is a skill and practice that you will want to take home to your community. Many circles, covens, churches, and groups of friends have already been doing this for eons, and when done with intention, spiritual Woven Song is truly transformative.

Wicca 101:Divination

Lady Amber*This class beginning (or just curious) magick practitioners will cover the subject of Divination including dowsing rods, pendulums, and scrying mirrors. All tools will be supplied.

Wicca 101:Spellcrafting

Lady Amber*In this class, we will explore the elements of crafting and casting spells. Included will be charm bags, medicine bags, poppets, and building a spell. All materials will be provided.

Wiccan Five Parts of Self

Craig*This beginner-friendly lodge is based on Wiccan principles and the model fo five parts of self, corresponding to the Five Traditional Elements: Air/Mind, Fire/Will, Water/Heart, Earth/Body and Spirit. A sweat is an ordeal ritual of transformation, of death and rebirth, and this lodge is specifically for self-work. Come prepared to delve deeply: we will be giving away that which we no longer need, and asking for what we need and want going into our new lives, in the frame work of the Elements. This lodge is beginner friendly, and it will be as hot as it needs to be. Older YA's may participate in this Sweat with parental consent (See age range). Please bring your parent/guardian with you to the Sweat Village right before this Sweat to sign the waiver book. (Sweat; Ages 16+; Max attendance: 12<sign up>)

Women's Stone Bath Sweat

Tyrtle • Three-round sweat for women who want to hear themselves in a deep way in the presence of their helping spirits. Open prayer rounds great for releasing spells, patterns, or addictions that do not serve you, embracing your shadows, and nourishing and re-membering your true soul. Please be on time; bring one or two towels and a water bottle or cup, plain or fancy, for drinking water. Older YAs may participate in this Sweat with parental consent (see age range). Please bring your parent/guardian with you to the Sweat Village right before this Sweat to sign the waiver book. (Sweat; Ages 16+; Max attendance: 12 (Sign up))

Women's Summer Solstice Ritual

Firesong and LafingFrog*We'll celebrate Goddesses who have aspects associated with Summer (think sun, storm, growing things, and festival community!) with song, dance, and other activities. If you have a Goddess you would like to honor, please bring her along. Also bring drums or rattles; something to sit on; and water. (Ritual; Ages 16+)

Working with Land Wights

(This class has been CANCELED)

Snooze Hamilton*This is a 101-level class on working with UPG's related to nature spirits and Dead Guys operating as such. Class is in three sections with "anchor" interface objects; a hands-on observation, an intuitive observation, and a discussion/Q&A. There will be cookies and homework. If you've attended the class before and are familiar with my ongoing project, I'd love to have you back to work with a different anchor than the one you had previously. Observers who can compare results are fabulous! (Ages 14+; Max attendance: 22)