Festival Rituals

The Kingdom Church of Asphodel and Wardenheart Kindred are proud to present our rituals of Infinite Possibilities, inspired by the Northern Tradition creation story.

Opening Meeting/Ritual

Tuesday 8:15pm, Dance Pavilion

Morganna, our intrepid Coordinator, will introduce the Staff and make the usual opening announcements. Members of the Wardenheart Kindred and Asphodel will then lead us in setting the space for the gathering.

In the Beginning...
Long ago, before the worlds existed, there was a great void. Empty of all things the void stretched on, unending, until the First Spark of Fire sprang forth. It burst into being and touched the First Ice. From that meeting the Nine Worlds came to be. Each World as unique and varied as the last. We open this Gathering by honoring the creation of the Nine Worlds.

Main Ritual

Friday 8:30pm, Main Ritual Field

Procession starts at 8:10pm from the Horseshoe

Gifts of the Gods
Out of the Infinite Void came the Nine Worlds. From the Nine Worlds came Gods and Beings that, like the Worlds, are many and varied. Just as each World has its own blessings and offerings, so to do the Gods and Beings of those Worlds. Join us in fellowship with them as we explore and embrace the lessons and offerings they have for us.

Closing Ritual

Sunday 11:30am Dance Pavilion


And So It Ends
The Nine Worlds and the Gifts of the Gods endure. Inside you, the spark of infinite possibility thrives even as our time together comes to an end. Join us as we close our Gathering by honoring those possibilities and taking them out of the great unknown and into our daily lives.


About our Ritual Presenters--

Wardenheart Kindred is a Northern Tradition Pagan Kindred based out of the mid-Atlantic Region, with members ranging from Virginia, Maryland, Philadelphia, and New York City. We currently host open to the public Wheel of the Year rituals at various locations. For more information, feel free to find us on the web at WardenheartKindred.com.

Úlfdís is a Northern Tradition Pagan priest, a Volva, and the current Gythia of Wardenheart Kindred. Based out of Philadelphia, they can often be found at FSG with a black parasol with an Ageshelmer on it—literally, under the Heathen Umbrella. They can be found online at IronwoodWitch.wordpress.com, and on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as IronwoodWitch.

The Kingdom Church of Asphodel is an eclectic neo-pagan group focused on reclaiming and living sacred archetypes as part of a greater spiritual path. We have built an eclectic mythopoetic polytheistic tradition, studying the stories and rites of many cultures and creating from them something new. In learning the myths of our ancestors, we learn how we live those myths, and in living them we create new myths and new ways of being in the world. Our worship is inspired by our research of past traditions, shaped by our present circumstances, and guided by personal revelation. We have much in common with most folks in the Neo-Pagan movement, and a few things that seem rather unique to us.