FSG XXXI Presenters, Pourers, and Performers

Current as of 08 Jun 2016

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Arkcane is a Priest of Rati and Kama, spiritworker, and kink educator. He has presented workshops and rituals for Camp Crucible and many Dark Odyssey events. Thista and Arkcane combine their backgrounds, educations, and perspectives to present with a dynamic balance between the eclectic and the traditional.
Spirituality for the Genderqueer

Christina: I have experience in 18th century herbal recipes as well as having received my training as a Health Coach from Affiniton / Elymenate and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition's cutting-edge Health Coach Training Program. I also received training as a Care Coach from Affiniton, a company dedicated to education about and prevention of Lyme disease. As a Certified Care Coach from Elymenate and Certified Health Coach from Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I am applying my knowledge to help people with dietary, spiritual, intellectual, and environmental challenges and especially those with Lyme Disease (Borrelia Syndrome). As the founder of Can Do With Lyme LLC, my mission is to focus on what is possible and to Live in a Place called Hope. This is my hearts journey: to educate about Lyme.
Preventing Lyme

Christine Schnell Laplante, LMHC is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has been teaching about sexuality for over 20 years. She works in a therapeutic setting specializing in sexual complexities for varying populations. Christine has been attending festivals for almost two decades on this land, and has enjoyed participating in and presenting numerous experiences. She lives in Upstate NY with her husband and teen-aged daughter, both named Orien.
Singing through Sex
Singing through Stress

Claire / Luminous: Witch, Geek, Freak, Reiki Master Teacher, Priestess, Minister, Coach, Healer, Author, Cook, Performer, Dreamer, Builder, Druid’s Wife, Cat Mommy, Detroit and Jersey, Music and Mayhem, Above and Below. Blessed Be.
Earthbound: Grounding in the Pagan and the Mundane Worlds
Grief & Loss Circle of Support

Craig views his three core practices as that of Warrior/Mage, Shamanic Seer, and Priest/Healer. These practices are a broad ninefold weave of a myriad of skills and trainings from: Witchcraft, Wicca, Asatru Heathenry, Martial Arts, SweatLodge Water Pourer, Apache Wilderness Survival Training, Shamanism (Native American, African, Celtic), Northern European and Tibetan Cosmologies, and Sorcery/Western Mysteries/Ceremonial (CM)/Experimental Magick. As a martial artist of many years, he has attuned himself to the flow of energies/Spirit that a Ninjutsu artist needs to direct and control. His education in the manipulation and control of energy fields (Chi, Ki, Magick) was greatly enhanced by Buddhist teachings. The meditative techniques of mind control that he learned, along with his engagement of Tibetan Sorcery, Necromancy, and Shamanism, have formed key portions of his magickal foundations.
Wiccan Five Parts of Self (Sweat)

DJ Mordecai: I was born Jewish and still keep kosher, though that doesn’t fully satisfy. I’ve been exploring Paganism, so I guess I’m a “Pew” (sounds better than “Jagan”).

I’ve been DJing for literally longer than I’ve known the term for it. I believe it may have been the third or fourth grade, when I spent recess playing requests for the kids in the courtyard. The phonograph in my home room was left at my disposal. I was schooled for DJ/announcing in 1985, but I hated announcing on the air. I began Mobile DJing in 1996, after coming back from DJing for Club Med in the Dominican Republic. Love watching crowds dance; it’s my high.

I first ran Karaoke in Philadelphia around 2001, and started doing convention sound around 2004. I’ve DJed events and weddings for folk I’ve met through FSA and related groups, and have more scheduled in the future. I’m available for pretty much any kind of event.
Rave (dance party)

Emyrs Morgan: I am a Professional drummer who has been on this Spiritual Path for over 25 years, traveling internationally to learn the philosophy of Rhythm from many cultures. I believe that Rhythm, Cycles, and Patterns are the foundation of our life. I have been a Rhythm maker, guide, and teacher at events such as Dark Odyssey, Fet Fest, THE Beltane, Fires of Venus, Pennsic, Sirius Rising, Starwood, Playa Del Fuego, PEX Fest, and the MD and NY Faeire Fests (to name a few). As a long time member of the Primal Arts Tribe, I have helped facilitate Ritual events and assisted many people in the direction of Spiritual awakeness over the years.
Basic Middle Eastern Percussion
Beginning Frame Drum
Dance of The Drum
Rhythm Playspace and Gong Garden (Installation)

Erika Wren has been a practicing Pagan for 15 years and attending FSG for several. She also really likes tacos. And tartans.
Loki Blót (Ritual)

Firesong (Eshu Akoni) is a priestess and Pathway initiate at the Universal Temple of Spirits, a Global Spirits pantheistic trance possession temple. Called the “human iPod,” she is a traditional song mistress as well and a professional teacher, an artist, and a root worker. Firesong conducts chant sessions, Global Spirits services, women's rituals, and pours for the Starry Night Sweat Circle. She has recorded several teaching CDs of traditional chants and is the author of Global Spirits: Philosophies and Practices.
Tea Time Happy Hour

Firesong and Kate: Kate, usually spotted in recent years teaching at Beltane, Kate spent many moons as a FSG security and safety staff member & lifeguard. Her eclectic path has covered diverse ground, and she enjoys speaking and working with folks in the varied and different ways to explore life through many kinds of rituals, including ecstatic experience through sensation, and connection with the Divine through ordeal. Apart from Beltane, Kate can be found circling, singing, and guardian'ing with and for the Universal Temple of Spirits, and performing as “The Artist” with HVBRIS.
Dancing with the Spirits

Firesong and LafingFrog: Cosette Blackmer, also known as LafingFrog is a Reiki Master, Shamanic practitioner and eclectic Goddess worshipper. She founded the Frederick CUUPS (covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans) chapter at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Frederick and leads regular rituals there. She “speaks” to stones and has practiced the art of laying on of stones. She considers personal healing and growth is a lifelong journey.
Women's Summer Solstice Ritual (Ritual)

Firesong and the Universal Temple of Spirits
Global Spirits Trance Possession Rite: Spirit of Possibilities (Ritual)

Foxx: I have been a home brewer/mead maker for 8 years and I'm currently pursuing my certification in Enology/Viticulture studies at Harrisburg Area Community College. While attending festival for 11 years, I have geared my to life studying demonology, Kabbalah, and Alchemy. Demonology has been a calling that I have been pursuing for the past ten years. In that time I have researched, investigated, and studied demons. I have also collaborated with other demonologists, and both assisted and performed cleansings, blessings, banishments, and exorcisms on establishments. Talk to me about brewing, talk to me about demons, or talk about anything.
Demons in the 21st Century
Home Brewing Forum

Giani Siri does Conflict Resolution for a living. She is a mediator in the Delaware Family Court system and has taught Conflict Resolution skills in prison, schools, and community groups for over 20 years.
Conflict Resolution

Hugh and Sundance: Hugh Eckert is an eclectic polytheist Pagan and has been attending FSG since the beginning. He is a member of the Universal Temple of Spirits and has a Certificate in Continuing Education from Cherry Hill Seminary. He has a deep devotion to Brigid and many other Powers (both Celtic and not).

To see what else Sundance is presenting this year, check out her bio.
Paying the Rents: A Ritual for Manannán mac Lir (Ritual)

Hvbris is a performance troupe borne of the community at Free Spirit Gathering. Entertainers and instructors, we are an assorted band of fire freaks seeking to amuse with our wickedly creative antics. Based on the East Coast, and performing from Massachusetts to DC, we are bringing our questionable expertise to FSG once again. Why? To help you (yes, you) learn the art of poi spinning.
Poi 101: Intro to the Intro to Fire Spinning
Poi 102: Intro to Fire Spinning: Fun with Fire
Poi 201: Revenge of the Intro to Fire Spinning
Poi 301: Son of the Revenge of the Intro to Fire Spinning

Jaqui MacMillan found her passion for African drumming thirty years ago. Over a span of fifteen years, she studied privately with many African drum masters, including Babatunde Olatunji, Mamady Keita and at the Tam Tam Mandingue School in Washington, DC. She began sharing her joy of drumming with others by performing, teaching classes and facilitating community drum circles. Since 1993, Jaqui has taught thousands of students across the USA, both privately and through her Drum for Joy! workshops. Over the years, Jaqui has performed and recorded with some of the top names in the business and has an extensive discography, and WAMA awarded her the “World Music Instrumentalist Award” every year from 1995 through 2002. In 2006, Jaqui moved from Washington, DC to Westminster, MD where she created Magnolia House Arts, Crafts, & Music Studios. She currently teaches and is the director of The Drum For Joy! Orchestra.
Drum for Joy! I
Drum for Joy! II
Drum for Joy! Soloing

Jessie and Ninja
Memorial for Jamie (Ritual)

Joshua Tenpenny
Morning Yoga

Kat and Skywise
Handfasting Renewal (Ritual)

Kellianna is an American pagan artist internationally renowned for her powerful performance of song and chant inspired by myth, magic, sacred places and ancient times. With guitar and vocals she brings to life the stories and sagas of the Gods and Goddesses. With frame drum and chant she honors the Earth and the Ancestors via primal drumming and stunning vocals. Kellianna has performed her music and facilitated workshops in 9 countries on 3 continents, with regular visits to Canada, the United Kingdom, and Western Europe. She is a certified teacher of SpiritSong, a powerful tool for freeing your voice. Experienced in the art of ritual chant, she uses the song to move energy, to celebrate the ancient mysteries, and to strengthen intention.
Journey to Avalon: A Sacred Chant Circle with Kellianna (Ritual)

Kitsa is a fiber artist and aspiring writer who lives in Brooklyn with her partners, their assorted Canine- and Feline-Americans, musical instruments, and a great many books. She loves all things fiber-related; so much so that she is pursuing a graduate school program in textile conservation. She also serves as Catbert for FSG, and it is rumored that if you stand too close to her, you might catch the Staff infection.
Crocheting Peacock Eyes
Head Covering: A Pagan Perspective

Klytus: I have been an intuitive energy worker my whole life, but started formal training in 2010 by learning Reiki I and from psychic healing workshops at FSG. Since then, I have become certified in Reiki III, and have continued to work with, and expand, my natural skills with free-form energy work and healing.

One thing I have noticed in my years in coming to FSG is that where there are many classes on doing energy work, there has some years been precious little in teaching grounding, shielding, or ethics in energy work, all of which seem very fundamental to me. Therefore, I am moved to offer classes to teach these skills to help those new to energy work get started with not just techniques on how to sense and move energy, but how to shield themselves from “bad” energy, and how to ground it out when needed.
Energy Works I: Grounding and Shielding
Energy Works II: Ethics and Techniques

Lady Amber has been a practicing Witch for over 45 years and is the founder of The circle of Amber Rose, established in 1989. For ten years she operated the Amber Rose School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at Free Spirit Gathering (for which we are grateful - ed.)
Wicca 101: Divination
Wicca 101: Spellcrafting

LunaBear: I received my BSN in 1990, spending the first 20 years in a hospital setting, 17 of those years assisting pregnant women to give birth. I then received my MSN in 2012 while working in a long term care facility as an RN supervisor. I have had many encounters of helping patients and families process the death and dying. I am a self-taught pagan and started my studies in the early 1980s, having read many different books from many traditions to create my own spirituality. I have created and led rituals in the community and during pagan gatherings.
Death and Dying: Pagan Rituals

Mandrake is a priestess and elder of the Spirits Cauling Tradition based in York, PA. She's served the pagan community as a student, teacher, advocate, leader, and volunteer for many years.
Exotic Dancing for Beginners
Moonlight Labyrinth Walk (Ritual)
Remembering Sheriff Scott (Ritual)
Through your Eyes

Mark the Druid has been a practicing pagan since 1996, with a background in Celtic Wicca and Norse traditions. He has also been a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, & Druids since 2004. His professional background is in the Geosciences at New Jersey City University, and he is President of the North Jersey Astronomical Group, conducting public astronomy outreach. He is an annual contributor to David Levy’s Sharing the Sky Foundation. He lives happily with his Witchy Wife, Luminous, and their bevy of felines in NJ.
Astronomy Observing Class

Miles Batty has been actively involved in the pagan community since 1985. He has served as Coven Priest and ordained clergy, as well as director of the Pagan Pride Day festival for several years. He’s the author of two books, Teaching Witchcraft and The Green Prince’s Father, with more on the way. Originally from England, he has lived in Wales and Canada, Maryland and Colorado, and now calls North Carolina home, where he lives with a Possum, plus dogs, cats, snakes, and a tarantula. Miles enjoys word games, bad jokes, Monty Python, and renaissance festivals, and can usually be found doing something silly.
Developing A Healthy Disrespect For The Gods - (This class has been CANCELED)

Morgana Silverthorn, a practicing Pagan since the 1960s, is a traditionally trained and initiated Priestess of Wicca. Initiated into Nea Elefsis of K.A.M. (Keepers of the Ancient Mysteries) in 1981,and later one of Synergy’s founders, she has been the High Priestess of Cauldron, a Synergistic family coven since 1988.
So, You Need to Conduct a Wedding (or a Funeral)
So, You Want to Start a Coven, or How to be THMFWIC
Summer Camp Takeaway: Miniature Besoms

Pack Ratz Entertainment has been rocking the mike and the dance floor as a programming cornerstone for Maryland-area science fiction conventions for 20+ years, as well as rocking various other charity and private events over the years.

We're available for hire as karaoke hosts or DJs for conventions, charity events, and private parties! For more information, contact Karen Carothers at trekkieturtle at gmail dot com, and please mention “Pack Ratz” in the subject line.

Peggy Brennan first sweated in 1987 at Rainbow Gathering and began working sweat fire approximately 11 years ago, right here in Ramblewood’s sweat village. There was an initiation by the Earth when, during a staff-only sweat here, lightning struck nearby and everybody got shocked. (If the fire won’t light, there’s no sweat ceremony.) Transformation from stone server to pourer began with a neck injury; was catalyzed with a pourer handing her the dipper inside a living lodge in Harmony, MD; and then Peggy learned to pour sweat ceremonies under the mentorship of Mary Tyrtle Rooker. Peggy began pouring public sweats 3 years ago and in December 2014 graduated Tyrtle’s Shamanic Healer’s program. She lives in Takoma Park, MD.
The Lighting-Struck Tree (Sweat)
Weaving Pagan Song

Raven and Joshua: Raven Kaldera is a shaman, diviner, homesteader, transgender activist, prolific pagan author, and founder of the First Kingdom Church of Asphodel. His works include Dark Moon Rising: Pagan BDSM and the Ordeal Path; Hermaphrodeities: The Transgender Spirituality Workbook; MythAstrology; The Ethical Psychic Vampire; Pagan Polyamory; and the Northern-Tradition Shamanism Series, to name just a few. He lives and works on an organic pagan farm in Hubbardston, Mass., and can be found online at www.cauldronfarm.com and www.paganbdsm.com.

Joshua is a massage therapist, a Shiatsu practitioner, a yoga instructor, and in service to Raven Kaldera.

“'Tis an ill wind that blows no minds.”
Sacred Meat And Leather: Being A Spiritual Omnivore
Six Ways of Being Pagan

Raven Kaldera
Consent-Focused Ritual
Lunch with Raven
Nine Maidens: Healing Goddesses of the North
Trusting Divination

Richard Gates studied Sun Bear sweat protocols with Diane Duggan in Delaware. He has poured different protocols at FSG and elsewhere off and on over the years. Richard is a student of shamanism and Wiccan traditions.
Renewal Sweat (Sweat)

Scott Mohnkern has been a practicing Heathen since 1997. Since then he has run a ritual group in Germantown, MD, taught at Cherry Hill Seminary, been teaching at Free Spirit since 2000, and written three books: A Year of Viking Ritual, Hanging from the Tree, Living with the Runes, and A Rune Diary.

He’s currently working on his next book, Ancient Values for a Modern Age, which discusses in depth the application of Viking-age northern European values in modern society.

You can normally find Scott doing a ritual, conducting a class, doing readings, or discussing philosophy.
Advanced Divination Techniques
Daily Blót (Ritual)
Ecumenical Sumbel (Ritual)
Making Your Own Rune Set
Rune Valdr: Healing with the Runes (Ritual)

Skywolf is a wandering soul in search of answers, especially to the question: “How the heck did I get here?” After wandering the various pagan/alternative sexuality/fandom scenes for over 10 years, he found that his current path of Shamanic Spirit Hacker was waiting for him all along. Usually found sharing his sacred sangria, he is called by his totem to teach, guide, and promote healing. While proficient in multiple skills and tools, he specializes in shamanic healing especially dealing with trauma, spiritual explorations, essential oils, Reiki, and energy work. As a child, he was raised on Addams Family, Marx Brothers, George Carlin, and Monty Python and now has enough issues for a subscription or two. His personal heroes are Jim Henson, Batman, Spiderman, and Vash the Stampede. Drawing upon many years of IT security, gaming, and fencing he has a unique way of thinking and presenting. Whether he makes sense, speaks madness, or both is entirely up to you.
Crafting Sacred Food and Drink
Shamanic Tools and Technology

Snooze Hamilton (Snoozepossum) was found under a rock in NC back in the late 1960s and no one ever bothered to put her back. She currently lives there with several animal people, a British Satyr, and a bunch of dead guys. She's an easily amused, annoyingly eclectic hedgewitch mutt with Druidish leanings and too many messy hobbies, and should probably divorce her hair. Forecast is for scattered afternoon urban guerilla gardening and Certified Backyard Habitat building, gusts of crafty artifice and archaeology, and a 99% chance of critters and rocks.
Critical Thinking & Magic -(This class has been CANCELED)
Working With Land Wights -(This class has been CANCELED)

Sundance Metelsky is an existential shamanic mystic who has been walking with the spirits for many years. She has practiced shamanism and led rituals since 1992 and is a member of the Universal Temple of Spirits. She has studied Celtic shamanism with author Tom Cowan and with the Celtic Study Circle founded by Rena Yount.
Open Heart Connection with the Spirits of the Land

Thista and Arkcane
Creating Space for Sacred Sexuality
Negotiating With Deities and Spirits

Thista Minai is a Priestess of Artemis, devotional polytheist, spiritworker, Third Degree High Priestess in the Blue Star Tradition of Wicca, and founder of Spectrum Gate Mysteries. She has more than a decade of experience with designing and conducting rituals, performing various types of energy work, and teaching workshops on a wide variety of spiritual topics. Thista and Arkcane combine their backgrounds, educations, and perspectives to present with a dynamic balance between the eclectic and the traditional.
Coven Craft Without Binary Gender
Horse Handling: Supporting the Possessed
Sex, Gods, and Virgins: Ancient Greek “Virginity” and You

Tina is a long time fused glass crafter and teacher who likes to share her knowledge with fellow pagans. She has been making and teaching fused glass classes for over a decade now. She has attended and taught at many FSGs. She believes that the members of the pagan community deserve to craft our own talismans/amulets, infusing our beliefs and creativity into wearable art.
Make Your Own Fused Glass Piece

Tom Swiss describes his spiritual path as “Zen Pagan Taoist Atheist Discordian,” which usually baffles questioners enough to leave him alone. He is the author of Why Buddha Touched the Earth (Megalithica Books, 2013) and blogs as “The Zen Pagan” for the Patheos Pagan Channel. He has previously served as President of the Free Spirit Alliance.

Since the turn of the century Tom has built a reputation as a lecturer on subjects spanning the gamut from acupressure to Zen and from self-defense to sexuality, drawing on his training and experience as an NCCAOM Diplomate in Asian Bodywork Therapy, a godan (fifth-degree black belt) in karate, a poet, a singer/songwriter, an amateur philosopher and spiritual explorer, and a professional computer geek.

Find out more about his wacky adventures at www.infamous.net.
The Fire Circle: All Kinds Magic Worked Here

Tyrtle identifies with North European shamanic traditions. Answering the call to healing and wholeness, manifesting non-dualistic realities, and transcending gender roles are central to Tyrtle’s vision. Her spiritual beliefs inform her political activism, which dates from the 1970s and includes a range of freedom, justice, and ecology movements. She calls her sweats “Stone Baths” in honor of her Anglo-Saxon/Germanic heritage. She worked sweats full-time within the Pagan community from 1995–2010 and has poured since 1996. A graduate of lengthy teacher trainings from Sandra Ingerman and Betsy Bergstrom, she is authorized by them to teach. She has engaged shamanism since the early 1990s and has a shamanic healing and teaching practice, Shamanic Spring, in the Washington, DC area. Her Shamanic Healers’ School opened in 2007 and continues to offer training for healers, journeyers, and for everyday life.
Awakening from Cultural Spells and Dysfunction
Soul Remembering Stone Bath Sweat (Beginner-Friendly) (Sweat)
Women's Stone Bath Sweat (Sweat)

Wintersong Tashlin is a shaman, magician, educator, and activist who runs rituals and teaches classes on topics such as magic, spirituality, alternative sexuality, and relationships. His ritual work largely focuses on rites of personal transformation and ordeal, while his magical work is focused on a systematic approach to the interactions between people and the energies around us. As a shaman and spirit worker, Winter works with the wandering Dead, along with a diverse range of gods and sprits; offers divination service; and facilitates rituals for both individuals and communities on his own and with Clan Tashlin/Tashrisketlin, of which he is one of the founders. Wintersong has presented workshops and/or run ritual at events throughout the northeast and across the USA. He is past dean of the College of Brigantia, a pagan adult education program in central Massachusetts, and his writing and photography have been featured in NewWitch Magazine, HUGGIN, and books by leading pagan authors.
Disability in Pagan Practice & Communities
Guided Meditation Ritual: The Elemental Lovers (Ritual)
Sacred Sex for One
The Silver Portal: Needles and Energy Work
The Tiniest Athame: Using Needles for Energy Work and Magic

Wolfsong and Jonny: Sue, HPs of Portal of the Porcupine has been involved with the pagan world for over 20 years and has presented musical and sensuality workshops at FSG and other pagan festivals. Working as an eclectic musical duo with Jon as “Wolfsong & Jonny” for the past few years, both she & Jon have had many previous musical incarnations before coming together romantically and musically in 2008. You may have seen/heard our lunchtime concerts at FSG in recent years. We're available for weddings and bar mitzvahs in your home town!
The Music of Us